About Us

The KLS Moot Court Society (KLSMCS) is one of the largest student groups in School of Law, KIIT University. It is a student run organization comprising students who share a passionate zeal for oral and written advocacy training to ameliorate their skills.

The KLSMCS has successfully organised the Intra-KLS Moot Court Competition, since the inception of this society. In the year 2013, the 1st KIIT University National Moot Court Competition was organised by KLSMCS. The event was made successful by the talented participants and the enthusiastic volunteers. The number of eminent legal personalities, who obliged us by gracing this event and judging several enthralling rounds of mooting, made this event a grand success.

Additionally, the moot court society is responsible for successfully hosting several prestigious and erudite workshops by inviting legal luminaries and eloquent speakers. The Moot Court Society members compete in a variety of competitions, ranging topically from criminal procedure to tax, family law, constitutional law, and corporate law.

The Moot Court Society aims at upping the ante when it comes to the grandeur and intellectual stimulation of the moots we host and at the same time bring glory to the college in National Moots across India and even in the global arena.